Widow of Refinery Worker Sues Oil Companies

The widow of a Texas refinery worker who developed malignant mesothelioma while performing job-related duties is going after two large oil companies in a lawsuit recently filed in a Jefferson County district court.

According to an account of the lawsuit outlined in the Southeast Texas Record, Gloria English is suing Texaco and Chevron USA for “maliciously” exposing William English, her husband, to asbestos. The suit was filed on April 8.

According to the plaintiff’s petition, Mr. English was employed at Texaco’s Port Arthur, Texas facility. During his employment in the labor and maintenance departments, he “used and was exposed to toxic materials including asbestos dust and fibers.”

“As a result of such exposure, William English, developed an asbestos-related disease for which he died a painful and terrible death on July 8, 2007,” the suit states.

“The Defendants knew for decades that asbestos-containing products could cause the disease of asbestosis and asbestos-related cancers and still allowed their employees …to work with and around asbestos products. The Defendants acted with malice…”

The suit also alleges that the two mega oil companies failed to warn employees of the dangers of asbestos in a timely manner or to “take the necessary engineering, safety, industrial hygiene and medical precautions.”

“As a result of the aforementioned malice and/or gross neglect of the Defendants, Plaintiffs seek claims for all elements of damages allowable under the law including exemplary damages and seek to recover from the Defendants, an amount in excess of the jurisdictional limits of this Court,” the suit says.

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