Virginia Apartment Complex Evacuated Due to Asbestos

Four buildings at the Oyster Point Place Apartments in Newport News, Virginia have been evacuated after apartment owners discovered they were contaminated with asbestos.

A story on WWEC-TV stated that tenants in all four buildings in question found a letter hanging from their doorknobs Thursday that told them their walls and ventilation systems were clogged with asbestos, a known cancer-causing agent.

There was no knock on the door, like, Hey we need to talk about this, recalled Twane Shelton, who has only lived at Oyster Point for three weeks. “It was very, very, very sneaky.”

Shelton and his roommate say they aren’t very surprised at the turn of events. They say management placed them into a filthy apartment when they moved in on July 10th.

An inspection of the complex by the TV station revealed an unlocked apartment downstairs where they found plastic sheeting and asbestos warning signs just feet away from the rooms Shelton and his roommate Ryan Spiker call home.

The young men say they believe they were duped into moving into an unhealthy building and complex.

“If they know about it now, they knew about it before, said Spiker. “It’s not right we weren’t warned about this before we moved in here.”

Spiker and Shelton say they scrimped to gather enough cash to move into Oyster Point Place and now don’t have enough to live elsewhere.

“We’re gonna be homeless, you know, said Spiker.

Management at Oyster Point Place said they had no comment about the situation.

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