A government court has refused a case that asbestos utilized in Kent cigarette filters in the 1950s resulted in the unusual kind of cancer that eliminated a Baltimore male.

Jurors in the public suit sweated over for around 10 hrs in federal government courthouse Thursday prior to denying the unlawful fatality satisfy submitted from the Lorillard Tobacco Co. in behalf of Stanley Lesnick by his dowager, Beverly.

The match declared that Lorillard cannot notify everyone and also set asbestos in the filters of Kent cigarettes despite the fact that understood this threatened.

Lesnick, an entrepreneur that gave up smoking cigarettes in 1974, passed away in 1989 of mesothelioma, a type of bronchi cancer usually linked with visibility to asbestos.

Lorillard refrained from making use of asbestos in its own Kent Micronite filters in 1956. The firm refuted that its own filter was harmful or even had created Lesnick’s ailment.

Lorillard, which is presently a subsidiary of Loews Corp., has dropped 2 of the 9 finished instances entailing the Kent filter. One complainant in California was rewarded $2 thousand in loss. 6 comparable instance are waiting for lawsuit all over the country.

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