State Allocates Money for Libby Asbestos Victims

The state of Montana has allocated an additional $1.5 million for the victims of asbestos diseases in the asbestos-ridden town of Libby, where hundreds of individuals have been sickened or have died due to exposure to the toxic mineral.

According to a story reported by a CBS affiliate in Kalispell, Montana, Governor Brian Schweitzer presented the Lincoln County Board of Health with a check for the full amount on Wednesday and also spoke with the board of directors at Libby’s Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) about their goals for the future and his continued plan to help Libby’s many asbestos victims.

The governor stated his hope that the extra money would help ease the pressure on those who are dealing with an asbestos-related disease by assisting with their medical bills and other expenses that often become overwhelming when someone is terminally ill.

Leroy Thorn, director of the Center for Asbestos Related Disease, says he hopes that extra funding will also be available specifically for the center, which was established a few years ago to help care for the hundreds of asbestos victims in this small town, where dozens upon dozens of residents worked for the W.R. Grace Company, whose vermiculite mine was contaminated with asbestos.

“We’re just on a month to month basis. We are a fee for service non-profit organization and it’s just tough. I mean, I look at how our staff does the budget every month and you know it is, it’s month to month,” Thorn told the media.

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