Son of Metal Finisher Sues for Asbestos Exposure

A Michigan man whose father worked for Chrysler Corporation as a metal finisher at their Detroit plant is suing the company and 50 other defendants, claiming he was exposed to asbestos dust brought home on the clothes of his father.

Walter Nalezyty is currently suffering from deadly mesothelioma. He believes that the only way he could have developed the asbestos-caused disease was through contact with his father when he came home from his job at the plant.

Nalezyty did not work for the auto maker but was employed from 1964 through 1991 as a pattern maker and installer at various locations in Michigan and Illinois. His lawyers claim that there was no potential of exposure to asbestos at any of Nalezyty’s places of employment, but that the plaintiff may have also been exposed to asbestos during home renovation projects.

Nalezyty, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma on August 7, recognized that his illness was wrongfully caused, states the claim, which was outlined in the Madison County Record.

The plaintiff also claims that he has sought, but has been unable to obtain full disclosure of relevant documents and information from the defendants leading him to believe the defendants destroyed documents related to asbestos.

“It was foreseeable to a reasonable person/entity in the respective positions of defendants, that said documents and information constituted evidence, which was material to potential civil litigation-namely asbestos litigation,” the complaint states.

Nalezyty seeks compensatory damages in excess of $700,000 as well as punitive damages.

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