Sept. 11 Workers Sue Insurance Fund for Toxic Exposure

Sickened ground workers went to court on Tuesday, July 17 to demand that the company who oversees a $1 billion 9/11 insurance fund spend the money for their health care.

The workers have already filed a class action suit claiming that toxic substances like asbestos, found in the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center site, have caused them serious harm and already sickened hundreds of them. They believe they have a right to a portion of the insurance funds.

During their court appearance on Tuesday, the workers sought compensation from the WTC Captive Insurance Co., the company in charge of many appropriated by Congress to deal with the health-related claims of September 11th workers.

The WTC Captive has consistently refused to pay any of the ground zero workers who have become ill on the work site, including any compensation¬Ě for lost salaries, pain and suffering, medical treatment, medical monitoring, or burial expenses, according to the lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Several of the Sept. 11th ground workers and first responders have already died of respiratory diseases related to asbestos exposure and other toxic materials, including one female EMT who died of mesothelioma less than five years after the tragedy. Usually, mesothelioma takes 20-40 years to develop.

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