Pittsburgh High School Too Risky for Students

Administrators from Pittsburgh Public Schools warned the school board at a meeting this week that asbestos-ridden Schenley High School should not remain open.

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, city schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt has recommended closing the Oakland school “because of the $76.2 million estimate for upgrading mechanical systems and removing asbestos and the subsequent danger of exposing students to the risk of falling plaster laden with asbestos.”

Board members asked if Schenley would be unsafe if it were opened in September. Administrators didn’t mince words.

“That could very well be yes,” answered Paul Gill, the district’s chief operations officer. “I think it’s a dangerous situation. Our experts think it’s a dangerous situation.”

Superintendent Mark Roosevelt told the board that it should not be waiting until a school is unsafe to close it. “That would be utterly irresponsible,” he said. “You close a school when you are warned to.”

District officials reported that they did not find any unsafe air quality readings inside the building but would prefer to abide by the reports of consultants from four firms, all of whom believe Schenley High School should be closed immediately.

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