Pennsylvania Goes After Asbestos Offenders

A new task force formed in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area is going after environmental polluters, including those who practice improper asbestos abatement.

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies have come together to form a task force that will combat violations of various environmental laws in the western Pennsylvania area.

“The Western Pennsylvania Environmental Enforcement Task Force will be committed to ensuring area businesses and individuals comply with laws regarding air and water,” U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan said as she announced the formation of the unit, just a day after individuals around the country celebrated Earth Day with a renewed commitment to take care of the environment and live a more “green” lifestyle.

Specifically, Buchanan said, the task force will go after those who release pollutants into the region’s navigable waterways, offenders who release pollutants into the air, and those who practice unlawful asbestos abatement procedures. She hopes the group’s focused plan will produce “more efficient and effective investigations and prosecutions.”

The 15-member task force includes members from the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the FBI, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and the state police, the Allegheny County Health Department and the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department.

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