PBS Show about Asbestos-Ridden Libby to Air

The Public Broadcasting System has announced the airing on their popular show P.O.V. (Point of View) of a documentary entitled Libby, Montana, profiling the worse case of community-wide exposure to a toxic substance in U.S. history.

The film, which will air on August 28th at 10 pm, has been touted by Mother Earth magazine as An incisive and unrelenting portrayal of a small northern mining town’s codependent and ultimately tragic 40-year relationship with the company that sustained it. (Colin Chisholm) and the Illinois Times dubs it worthy of Oscar consideration.

Libby, Montana takes a long working day’s journey into a blue-collar community, and finds a different reality one where the American Dream exacts a terrible price, reads the description of the documentary on the PBS website.

The film does an effective job of showing what the company and the government knew about the health threat but failed to reveal to the residents, continues the Illinois Times review by Marc Sigoloff. Because vermiculite is used in so many products, including insulation, Libby’s story affects millions of Americans who may have been or will be exposed.

The documentary will be released in theaters on a very limited basis but will eventually be available nationwide on DVD.

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