New Mexico Construction Companies Fined for Asbestos Violations

Two Albuquerque, New Mexico construction companies have been fined a combined total of more than $150,000 for asbestos violations, reports the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In a press release outlined in the New Mexico Business Weekly, the agency announced that Maloy Construction Inc., a general contractor, and Deerfield Corp., a plumbing and construction company, had a total of 17 violations of asbestos exposure at a Mescalero, N.M., hospital construction site.

OSHA was alerted to the problem early in the summer, when employees informed the organization that asbestos removal was being done at the site without benefit of proper protection. OSHA’s El Paso office subsequently began an inspection, which resulted in the violations.
“The OSHA inspection revealed that the two companies failed to take appropriate action to protect their employees,” said Rich Tapio, OSHA’s area director in Lubbock, Texas. “Employers must remain committed to keeping the workplace safe and healthful at all times.”
OSHA proposed a $75,600 fine for Maloy Construction for five violations and it proposed an $81,900 fine for Deerfield Corp. for 12 violations.
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration report, the violations include: 1) failure to regulate an asbestos area, 2) failure to assess initial exposure to asbestos, 3) failure to provide protective equipment, 4) failure to launder contaminated clothing, and 5) failure to train employees in asbestos removal. The companies have 15 days to reply to the citations.

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