Mesothelioma Treatment

First, the type of cancer must be identified, along with it’s location and extent. Standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are the common treatments for mesothelioma.

A doctor may physically extract the cancer and local tissue with surgery. Surgery means the removal of the diseased tissue, lung or organ. If the cancer has spread, it may include the removal these surrounding tissues. This surgery is a complex procedure. It’s success depends on the extent of the cancer and the patients health.

Radiotherapy, commonly called radiation therapy, use radiation to target and kill cells and tumors in affected areas. External therapy is the exposure to radiation from a machine, much like and x-ray. Internal therapy is introducing radioactive material directly into the body through tubes.

Chemotherapy is the use of cancer killing drugs. The drugs are introduced into the body with an injection. Alternatively, the drugs can be administered orally. The drugs used in chemotherapy are powerful, and can cause the patient to vomiting, weight loss and hair loss.