Meeting to Discuss Meso Research

This afternoon, Minnesota health officials and politicians will meet together to receive an update on the research that’s delving into the cause of lung disease among iron ore miners in that state.

According to a Minnesota Public Radio story, the two groups will come together to hear more about the progress of the $5 million study that will examine “various aspects of the complicated question of why men in northeastern Minnesota are getting mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos, at twice the expected rate.”

The study is being conducted by the University of Minnesota – School of Public Health. It was approved in April and research began immediately. Study results will be garnered from assessments of the health of active and retired miners, the review of death certificates, and investigations into the 58 miner deaths caused by mesothelioma.

In addition, the Natural Resources Research Institute is analyzing iron ore samples and dust in the air in Iron Range communities, to see how closely they match asbestos dust, the article explains.

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