Maryland Union Files Asbestos Complaint

A spokesman for the Maryland chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees announced today that they have filed a complaint with a state health agency on behalf of employees at a Baltimore child welfare services office, citing reports by contractors of friable asbestos found in the building over the weekend.

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun, union spokesperson Joe Lawrence says contractors were working inside the building last weekend and found what was believed to be asbestos wrapped around the pipes at the office on Guilford Ave.

However, Brian Wilbon, deputy secretary for operations for the Department of Human Resources, maintains that there were no contractors in the building over the weekend and that no asbestos was found during two separate inspections that took place over the last year. He says the results were previously reported to employees at meetings held after the inspections.

“If I felt members of our staff were in danger, I would remove them,” Wilbon said.

Wilbon says a similar complaint was filed last year in regards to water leaks and rodent infestion at the aging Guilford Ave. office, where about 350 state Department of Social Services employees work.

“That building has a history of problems, and we’re not seeing the urgency from the administration that we need to see,” Lawrence said.

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