Landfill Fined Over $1 Million for Accepting Asbestos

A landfill owner in Carlsbad, New Mexico is being fined more than $1 million for illegally accepting asbestos waste and other hazardous substances at his site, which is licensed only for non-hazardous industrial waste.

According to an article in the New Mexico Business Weekly, the New Mexico Environment Department has issued a compliance order with a $1.3 million penalty to Lea Land Inc. for solid waste violations at its landfill. Purportedly, the company allowed 137 truckloads of hazardous waste, including coated metal siding containing lead and 144 truckloads of regulated asbestos waste, to be dumped at the landfill.
The Environmental Department was tipped off by a concerned citizen who observed the presence of asbestos waste at the landfill. The department found that both regulated and hazardous asbestos waste was generated during the demolition of several facilities belonging to a company known as Intrepid Potash – New Mexico LLC. The waste was transported to the landfill by Tripod Inc.
“The Solid Waste Bureau of the department found that the landfill denied department staff entry to the facility to inspect, failed to properly cover and compact solid waste and failed, on numerous occasions, to conduct required groundwater monitoring,” the article notes.
The owners of the landfill have 30 days to respond to the allegations.

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