Jury Returns $1.6 million Verdict in Los Angeles Asbestos Lawsuit

On August 12th of 2010, a Los Angeles jury awarded $1,619,000 in an asbestos lawsuit filed against manufacturers of asbestos friction products.  Friction products is asbestos-lawyer shorthand for “clutches and brakes that contain asbestos.”

Like many asbestos lawsuits, this one was filed against a variety of companies.  The following is a breakdown of which companies were found liable by the jury:

  • Ford – 10%
  • Navistar – 10%
  • Exxon Mobil – 18%
  • Pittsburgh Corning – 17%
  • Safeway Scaffolding – 17%
  • Econo Portable Builders – 7%
  • Georgia-Pacific Corp. – 6%
  • U.S. Gypsum – 6%
  • Kentile Floors – 6%
  • Napa – 1%
  • Bendix – 1%
  • Pete Green’s Service Station – 1%

When a jury finds more than one defendant to be liable, it must apportion a percentage of fault.  The defendants often are then responsible for their percentage of the verdict.  Sometimes one defendant isn’t able to pay its fair share of the verdict.  Some states will force other defendants to pay that portion, while other states do not.  This is one of many reasons why it is important for an asbestos lawyer to determine which state is the best state to file a specific person’s asbestos lawsuit.

The name of the case was William Harrell and Judith Harrell v. Allied Packing and Supply Inc., et al., No. BC423696,Calif. Super., Los Angeles Co.

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