Illinois Judges Say Asbestos Cases on Rise

The docket in Madison County (IL) Circuit Court is quickly filling up with asbestos cases, reports the Madison County Record. The circuit court, which is home to many cases filed by out-of-state cases, has seen a significant rise in asbestos cases this year as compared to the 2006 calendar year.

Circuit Judge Daniel Stack, the county’s presiding asbestos judge, said he has no idea why asbestos cases are increasing this year and is not concerned with the upsurge just yet. But he does note that 227 cases were filed in Madison County prior to June 30th of this year while only 325 cases were filed during the entire 2006 year.

“No judge wants his docket to increase,” Stack said. “As long as the (asbestos) cases are appropriate and belong here, the increase does not bother me,” he adds, noting that such cases topped 800 in 2002 and reached nearly 1,000 in 2003.

Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis also did not express alarm at the apparent increase in asbestos filings, noting that Stack is handling the huge docket with skill.

Stack notes that he believes the increase is caused by the filing of more secondary exposure cases, which allege that a plaintiff who may not have worked with the toxic material directly was exposed due to their relationship with someone who perhaps brought home toxic dust on their clothes.

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