Home Renovation Causes Asbestos Death of 25-Year-Old

When of the youngest victims of mesothelioma died earlier this year and his parents are doing their best to warn others about the dangers of home renovation, which is what they believed killed their son.

The parents of Adam Sager of Queensland, Australia, who died earlier this year at age 25, want to warn people about the dangers of renovating older houses that could contain asbestos, says an article in the Courier Mail.

In 1983, when Adam was about 18 months old, explain the Sagers, they sanded and painted inside their new house in the neighborhood of Townsville. Little Adam would wander through the rooms, covered in a white dust. The Sagers thought it was cute when their son would take his little broom and pretend to sweep the floors. It wasn’t until after his disease was confirmed, however, that they realized the dust from two decades ago contained hazardous asbestos.

Now Adam’s parents speak out whenever possible about the dangers involved in renovating old homes that might contain asbestos, particular those in Australia built between 1940 and 1980. They hope they’re making a difference.

“This has to be Adam’s legacy,” said Mrs. Sager, 47, of Kenmore in Brisbane. “Adam always had a purpose in his life. Our purpose is to make sure we can help somebody save their babies. We can’t do anything for Adam now, but we can help somebody else.”

His parents say Adam was a healthy young man before he developed the mesothelioma. He played hockey, swam, and held a black belt in martial arts. But over time he developed pain in his ribs. After being dismissed by several doctors who attributed the pain to his participation in the martial arts, he was finally diagnosed last year at a Brisbane hospital.

“The couple could not think how Adam could have been exposed to asbestos,” the news article points our, “until they remembered their baby covered in grey dust when they painted the Townsville house.”

Before his death Adam Sager had filed a compensation claim against Amaca Pty Ltd, a former subsidiary of James Hardie. His parents are continuing with the claim.

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