Farm Laden with Asbestos-Contaminated Fill

The owner of a former dairy farm in Frankfort, Kentucky got more than he bargained for when he ordered 6,000 tons of fill from a company in New Jersey. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the fill is contaminated with dangerous asbestos.

A story on WKTV- Frankfort notes that the owner was shocked to hear that the fill – and now his land – is contaminated with toxic asbestos. While he declined to appear on camera, he told news reporters that he shouldn’t be held responsible for cleanup of the area.

Environmental Protection Agency officials note that the fill covers a 50,000 square foot area and measures up to 20 feet high. The material, which the EPA says contains the chrysotile form of asbestos, is also laden with pieces of glass and other building materials.

Later this week, the EPA will begin installing a synthetic liner/cover over the entire area to prevent the asbestos from becoming airborne. In addition, a 6-foot-high fence will be put around the outside of the land. Neither the owner nor the EPA was willing to estimate the cost for cleanup, but until they decide who is responsible, the fence and cover should protect the general public from exposure to the dangerous mineral.

When asked about fines, EPA officials said they’re not yet sure who will need to pay. The owner of the land told the agency that he still had the paperwork from the transaction with the company in New Jersey and would gladly turn over copies to the authorities. He claims he did not know the fill contained asbestos.

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