Family Sues Oil Giants for Asbestos Exposure

The family of a late Port Neches (TX) refinery worker is suing Chevron USA and Texaco for negligently exposing their benefactor to asbestos during his employment at a plant there.

According to an article in the Southeast Texas Record, Lee Robinson Sr. worked as an operator for Neches Butane, where he allegedly contracted an asbestos disease, specifically lung cancer, for which he died a painful and terrible death on Dec. 14, 2006.

The suit was filed on behalf of Lois Robinson and her children Jeanie, Lee and Stephen, with the Jefferson County District Court. It states that “during Robinson’s employment as an operator, he used and was exposed to toxic materials including asbestos dust and/or fibers. As a result of such exposure, Robinson developed an asbestos-related disease, specifically lung cancer.

Like most asbestos suits, this one also alleges that the oil giants knew of the dangers of working with asbestos but allowed their employees to continue without regard for their health or safety. The suit also states that Chevron USA and Texaco failed to take the necessary engineering, safety, industrial hygiene and other precautions and provide adequate warning and training to ensure that the deceased was not exposed to the asbestos-containing products.

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