Family of Pipefitter Files Second Asbestos Suit

The family of a Texas man who spent his life working as a pipefitter has filed a second asbestos suit on his behalf, alleging that he died from mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos while on the job.

According to an article in the Southeast Texas Record, the estate of Ernest L. Edwards is seeking compensation for a “different malignant asbestos-related injury,” which they claim prematurely ended his life. Edwards sued several years ago when he developed “an asbestos related disease” and received compensation, the article notes.

The suit was filed earlier this month against the A.O. Smith Corporation and 34 other companies. A.O. Smith manufactures electric motors as well as electric and gas water heaters. The claim alleges that those named in the suit knowingly and maliciously manufactured and distributed asbestos-containing products throughout Jefferson County (Texas). Other defendants named in the suit include aerospace giant Lockheed Martin and Zurn Industries, an iron supplier.

“The petition faults Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corp. (3M Corporation) and American Optical Corp. for producing defective masks that failed to provide respiratory protection,” the article adds.

Although Edwards has already sued and received a claim, the suit says, “Plaintiff now seeks damages against defendants not released in the previous actions pursuant to Pustejovsky v. Rapid-American Corp.”

In Texas, victims of an asbestos disease such as asbestosis may sue a second time for an asbestos-related cancer if he develops the cancer in the future, after the onset of the original disease.

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