Family of Meso Victim Gets $30.3 Million in Asbestos Case

The family of a man who died of mesothelioma at age 50 has been awarded $30.3 million by a New Jersey jury. According to an article in Newsday, the award to the family of Mark Buttitta, who died in 2002, is the largest in the state of New Jersey for a mesothelioma case.

Moshe Maimon, the attorney for the Buttitta family, said his client was exposed to asbestos while working summers at “giant GM warehouses” throughout New Jersey, handling auto parts that contained asbestos. Buttitta’s brother worked at the warehouses during the summer as well and the plaintiff’s father was a full-time employee for General Motors.

According to Maimon, who specializes in asbestos cases, “the three men wore the same work clothes for several days, bringing home cancer-causing fibers every day from work, unknowingly letting the microscopic fibers fragments waft throughout their home and settle.”

“Worse yet, as a young boy Mark would sit on his dad’s lap – or next to him on the sofa – every night to watch TV, and was innocently exposed to asbestos,” he said.

The six-person jury sided with the Buttittas in a trial that ended on Tuesday but took several weeks to complete. The jury found against Asbestos Corp. Ltd. of Canada, which provided material for GM brakes, and BorgWarner Inc. of Michigan, which made clutches. The jury deliberated for four hours before reaching their verdict, Maimon said.

Both companies indicated that they would appeal the verdict.

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