Contractor Releases Asbestos in Community Garden

A major release of asbestos fibers occurred in a Denver-area community garden last month when a contractor began digging without authorization.

A story on CBS4 Denver says the mishap occurred in the town of Lowry, between Denver and Aurora. The contractor, Lowry Assumption, had been working for three hours when inspectors from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment showed up and caught the mishap as it was occurring.

The inspectors found large chunks of asbestos within just a few feet of the Lowry Community Garden. They said the contactor was in violation of state policy that prohibits any excavation at Lowry without a certified asbestos spotter on site.

This is why we have the concern, why we have spotter out there, so we know what is exactly in the trucks and what could have been removed,?said Jeff Edson of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

A representative for Lowry Assumption maintains that the spotter was in place for most of the excavation. ?e? been here the night before, essentially during the entire demolition, said Brent Anderson. ?o it was a very small window he was not here.?

No air quality testing was done on the day of the release but those who live in the area of the garden were notified of the concerns.

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