Class Action Asbestos Suit Filed by Steel Workers

A Pittsburgh attorney recently filed a class action suit on behalf of six individuals and/or their administrators, all of whom once worked for Weirton Steel in Weirton, West Virginia.

According to an article in the West Virginia Record, the suit, filed by attorney David Chervenick, names 105 defendants, including Weirton Steel, 12 chemical processing plants, a handful of research facilities, electrical and steam generating plants, and several industrial facilities, all located in West Virginia.

The plaintiffs are listed as: Rubin Birkhimer, who has asbestosis and mesothelioma; Joyce Farley, whose deceased husband had asbestosis and lung cancer; Joseph Fernandez, who has lung cancer and asbestos; Ida Mae Hoit, who has mesothelioma caused by secondary exposure to asbestos; Shirley McClain, whose deceased husband had asbestosis and lung cancer; and Ronald Rouse Sr., who has asbestosis.

All the plaintiffs worked in different areas of the steel mill. Some were employed as pipefitters or electricians while others worked as laborers or truck drivers. It is believed that Mrs. Hoit was exposed to dangerous asbestos due to the presence of toxic dust and fibers brought home on the clothes of her husband and son, who both worked at Weirton Steel. Hoit was responsible for laundering the clothes in question.

In the 18-count suits, the plaintiffs seek medical monitoring, punitive damages and compensatory damages, the article notes.

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