Asbestos Whistle Blower Files Law Suit

The man who blew the whistle on illegal asbestos removal at the Cayuga County (NY) Board of Elections building has filed suit against the county after being fired from his job there.

According to an article in the Syracuse Post-Standard, Anthony Garropy, who now lives in North Carolina, and his wife, Bonnie, filed the suit on October 16, seeking to regain his old job with salary and benefits, asking for payment of lost wages, and addressing a long list of additional damages. No amount was specified in the suit.
Garropy had only worked for Cayuga County for a few weeks in early 2006 when he was asked to help county carpenter John Chick remove a boiler and pipes from the basement of the building. Garropy immediately recognized that the pipes and boiler were insulated with asbestos, some of which was already damaged and could be quite dangerous.

Chick, who has since admitted guilt in ordering the illegal removal of asbestos from the building, told Garropy he would be fired if he didn’t assist in the removal of the boiler and pipes. The lawsuit alleges Garropy was fired after he told other county officials about the work and stated that he was uncomfortable doing it.
Bonnie Garropy is listed as a plaintiff in the suit because she was exposed to asbestos on her husband’s clothes, the suit alleges. The suit also states that she was “deprived of the services, companionship and affection” of her husband because of the damage he suffered from his exposure.

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