Asbestos Temporarily Closes Road

Part of Interstate 75 in Plano, Texas will be closed this week as two contractors work to remove asbestos-laden paint from overpasses that stretch above the busy highway.

According to an article in Pegasus News, the Texas Department of Transportation will intermittently close two lanes at a time on US 75 at Parker Road in Plano beginning on or about April 1. The department notes that they will be performing the maintenance work during less busy times, namely between the hours of 8 pm and 4:30 pm, when traffic is minimal.

“Performing asbestos removal requires extra safety precautions and is highly dependent on weather conditions,” the article notes. “For this reason, contractors will not be allowed to perform work if winds exceed 25 miles per hour or if forecasts indicate a high chance for rain. To ensure public safety, work will be performed using a chemical application versus the traditional sandblasting method, and crews will monitor air quality in and around the work zone.”

“The actual lane closures should only take about six days; however, due to the unpredictability of the weather, the project may not be completed for several weeks,” said TxDOT Collin County Area Engineer Ron Johnston, who notes that lanes will be closed two at a time until the overpass has been painted in its entirety.

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