Asbestos Group Calls for Help with Abatement

The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia is calling on the government, led by new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, for money to help subsidize the removal of asbestos from Australian homes in that area. It will also lobby the federal government to speed up the replacement of asbestos in Australian Defense Force equipment, which is laden with the dangerous material.

According to an article penned by the Australian Associated Press (AAP), the president of the foundation, Barry Robson, believes that thousands upon thousands of Australian homes still contain asbestos in attics, on roofs, and in walls. He believes the major reason that most home owners have not removed the dangerous material is due to the exorbitant cost of abatement.

“It’s so expensive to remove that the average householder cannot afford to have [the work completed],” he said.

Robson and his organization have also encouraged Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbons to act more quickly and work diligently towards replacing buildings and equipment which contain asbestos.

A spokeswoman for the Minister defended his position, stating that the most important thing is “to have a process in place which allows replacement products to be found as soon as possible.”

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