Asbestos Forces Evacuation of Chicago High-Rise

Asbestos found during a rehab project at a Chicago residential high-rise has forced the evacuation of all the building’s tenants.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the building located on Sheridan Road in the Lakeview neighborhood – was closed on Thursday after building management was notified about the asbestos find the day before. State officials carried out the evacuation order and tenants were told that it could be a few weeks or more before they are allowed to return to their apartments for good.

During the renovation, a subcontractor “inadvertently disturbed pipe insulation” within the building’s walls, a flyer from the management office said. The insulation was confirmed Thursday morning to be asbestos, prompting the building’s evacuation, the article noted.

Management noted that tenants would not be allowed to move back into the building until air quality tests show that all areas are safe. A flyer distributed by the company stated that a “highly respected” environmental consulting company and a state-licensed environmental contractor would be performing the tests.

In the meantime, building owners must wait for state approval before they can begin to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. Once approval is granted, they believe it will take less than a month to remedy the situation. The management company has stated that tenants will be allowed back in for short periods of time to retrieve necessary items.

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