Asbestos Closes Staten Island High School

A Department of Education spokesperson announced that Staten Island’s New Dorp High School would be temporarily closing its doors for asbestos abatement, but parents, students, and faculty shouldn’t worry, she added.

“Whenever we do any kind of renovation, there’s always some type of asbestos abatement to ensure that every safety method is followed,” said Marge Feinberg in an article in the Staten Island Advance, noting that she was unsure of the type of renovation the high school plans on doing.

“It’s not clear if there really is asbestos,” said Ms. Feinberg, who added that if the toxic mineral is indeed present, it’s likely embedded in the floor, is not exposed, and does not present a danger in its current state. “They’re just following all asbestos abatement regulations, just as a precaution,” she explained.

Feinberg also added that the work would be performed by a state licensed asbestos abatement team that is well-versed in all the particulars of asbestos removal and knows what precautions to take to ensure safe removal.

Feinberg said the School Construction Authority for the district would be monitoring the abatement and any subsequent repairs. “Although class is dismissed due to Easter break, students and faculty will not be able to enter the high school beginning Friday at 7 a.m.,” Feinberg explained. The precautionary abatement process will conclude the following day. The athletic field will not be affected and if all goes as planned, classes will resume on Monday.

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