Asbestos Closes National Sports Center

One of England’s five National Sports Centers will be closing for nearly a year after asbestos was found inside the building.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is located in London’s Crystal Palace Park and is operated by Sport England, an organization whose goal it is to promote community sport in that country. The London Development Agency, the organization responsible for the upkeep of the building, was testing the site in preparation for the closure of the centre in November, when all the mechanical and electrical systems are due to be refurbished. Test results came back positive for asbestos so the agency decided to close the centre down last Friday, reports an article in the London News Shopper.

Its director of risk, Dr David Hancock, said: “We are closing the centre as a precautionary measure as we do not want to expose the public or anybody to unnecessary risk.”

According to Hancock, the electrical and mechanical systems will still be renovated in November but he expects that the removal of asbestos will result in the centre being closed until next June or July.

Stacia Szczerbuik, a diving instructor who uses the swimming pool at the centre, said: “obviously a shame [that] asbestos has been found but the building is dated so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise.”

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