Activists Want Asbestos-Laced Toys Removed from Stores

Environmental activist groups around the country are appealing to retailers to remove asbestos-laced toys, specifically the CSI Fingerprinting Kit, from the shelves of toy stores and other retail establishments.

One of the groups leading the march against asbestos-containing toys is the Washington D.C.-based Environmental Working Group, notes an article in New York Newsday. The group started the campaign after scientific tests funded by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization revealed the cancer-causing substance in the product. The kit is made in China and has been particularly popular this holiday season.

“They hired three independent research labs to test hundreds of consumer products, including this toy,” said Alex Formuzis, spokesman for the Environmental Working Group. He noted that all three labs found asbestos at relatively high levels in this particular toy, which contains three different kinds of fingerprint powder and several “tools”.

“They found that 7.2 percent of the fingerprint dust was made up of asbestos. The problem with this toy is that the asbestos is one of the deadliest kinds, if a person breathes it in,” Formuzis said.

Planet Toys, the Manhattan-based distributor for the CSI Fingerprinting Kit, maintains that their independent testing shows no asbestos in the products and no cause for concern.

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