5 out of 40 asbestos workers died

In 1911, Dr. Collis described the experiences of a factory in which asbestos mattresses were made:

Asbestos. – Following up information received from the Registrar-General, it was found that five deaths of persons suffering from pthisis [A type of tuberculosis.] had occurred in five years among a staff of under 40 workers employed at a factory where asbestos is woven. The process, which appeared most dangerous, is the production of asbestos mattresses. These mattresses which are composed of bags of woven asbestos filled with short asbestos fiber, are placed on a table and beaten out flat by a man with a wooden flail when process much dust arises.

Five deaths out of 40 people in five years. Again, another early warning sign that asbestos dust kills. Early reports such as this are used in asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuits to counteract the state-of-the-art defense.

This citation for this article is: Collis, 1911. Dusty Processes. In: Factories and Workshops: Annual Report For 1910. Great Britain.


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