$27.5 Million Verdict In Mesothelioma Lawsuit

In September of 2010, a Brazoria county jury awarded $27.5 million dollars to the widow of an asbestos worker. The asbestos lawyers who handled this case did a great job. Unfortunately, because Texas law is not particularly friendly to injured citizens, the actual amount the widow will recover is far less.

Of the $27.5 million dollars, $20 million was in punitive damages. Texas caps punitive damages, and the widow will therefore collect no more than $4 million in punitive damages. This is still a great result for a mesothelioma lawsuit, but I’m always irritated whenever a plaintiff’s jury award is reduced due to a one-size-fits-all statute.

The remaining defendant in the lawsuit was John Crane, a company that made asbestos gaskets and packing. Individuals who had to work with industrial equipment would become exposed to asbestos from John Crane’s products.

The case was Jerry Johnston, et al. v. Alfa Laval Inc., et al., No. 2008-36868, Texas Dist., Brazoria Co.

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